Plenty Valley FM Presenter Trainees

Training and development play an important part at Plenty Valley FM 88.6. 2016 has seen two Introduction to Broadcasting courses run. Click through for all the info!

Plenty Valley fm prides itself on our friendly and professional ability to train new community radio presenters and get them on air. It’s what keeps our programs fresh and exciting.

Our first training course began in February and saw seven people graduate and seamlessly make their way into programs of their choice. 

Congratulations to:

  • Christine Stow (who enjoys filling in for 'Afternoons' and more recently, Plenty Valley Kids Club)
  • Hristijana Markovska (Wednesday Macedonian Program)
  • Arthur Tsoutsoulis (Friday Macedonian Program)
  • Edward Fawcett (Monday Drive)
  • Linda Kasravi (Wednesday Persian Program)
  • Shawnm Waise (Tuesday Kurdish Program)
  • Campbell Milton - we're looking forward to some intellectually stimulating daytime segments.

We started our second course on June 1st and finished mid-August.

Congratulations to:

  • Sue Christov / Kocho Filin - Sue and Kocho (Con) together with Arthur will team up to present on the Macedonian program from 7-8 on a Friday nights.  Sue is also applying for Monday 'Afternoons' 2-4pm
  • Jessica Avelsgaard - Jessica will continue presenting her own film review and pop culture program between 11-12 on Sunday’s.
  • Michelle Palmer - She is looking forward to alternating with Christine Stow (graduate from the February course) filling in on Wednesday 'Afternoons' from 2-4pm.

The presenter training is a rewarding and fun experience where you can learn how community radio works and how to do the work that is needed to present quality programming.

We now look forward to hearing our new presenters entertaining, informing and connecting with their community via the airwaves.

If you’re interested in getting on air, email to register you interest in our trainee presenter program.



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