The Ridley Awards 2017

At our recent AGM, we held the second annual Ridley Awards, named after the late Jack Ridley, a young man that left us much too early, and yet still leaves a lasting legacy at our station.

Congratulations to all of those who submitted or nominated entries for The Ridley Awards.

The Winners this year:


This award goes to a presenter that is meticulous and passionate about their music. Their preparation notes alone would make most peoples' final run sheets look like scrap paper.

This person knows their subject matter inside out and their enthusiasm is infectious and engaging.

The Ridley Award for Best Music Show goes to Classic Rock Class with Craig Madden.


The "Winners" of this award have had a long history with PVFM. Their show is always informative and entertaining. This year they have finally decided to take a well earned Summer holiday.

The Ridley Award for Best Sports Show goes to The NMCA Cricket Show with Philip Crooks, Alex Pettolino and Rick Morris.


This show aims to connect with all people in our community and provides wisdom and support from a Christian perspective. It is hosted by a values driven host who happily gives his time to the station whenever he can.

The Ridley Award for Best Lifestyle Show goes to God's Not Dead and Steve Mann.


The winner of this award is very passionate, some might even say obsessed, with her favourite band, INXS, and especially the lead singer, Michael Hutchence.

The Ridley Award for Best Interview goes to Michelle Palmer, for her INXS interview.


The hosts of this show are very humble people who quietly go about engaging their vast listening audience. Besides raising a family of seven children, they volunteer at every working bee and event, and support our station in any way asked.

The Ridley Award for Best Ethnic Show goes to Ta Samoa with Herman and Mary Brown.


CSA: Australian Multicultural Community Services

Jeff Cullen


This person has done everything required for a new presenter. This presenter engages with their audience on a variety of ways and isn't afraid to try something new. They volunteer their services back to the station and continually seek feedback to improve their broadcasts.

The Ridley Award for Best New Presenter goes Perrie Massouras, who hosts Friday Drive.


This presenter has a wealth of experience and enthusiasm and has shown a willingness to share and learn with other volunteers on both World At Night, and English language shows.

This presenter has done an enormous amount of work engaging with the community and collaborating with other aligned shows.

The John Kalincev Award for Best Ethnic Presenter goes to Hristjana Markovska.


The new show offers variety to an already established audience. And yet they still manage to bring in new listeners. The presenter is keen and enthusiastic to provide broad information and entertainment to their audience.

This presenter has become a valued volunteer and is always available to assist the station.

The Ridley Award for the Best New Ethnic Show goes to the Macedonian Lerin Show with Kocho Filin.


This show started as a fill in show but has become quite popular with people that enjoy the old days of listening to albums in full.

The Ridley Award for Best New Show goes to The Album Show with Jeff Cullen.


We would like to acknowledge the following people for their continued valuable contribution to PVFM as volunteers in work that goes above and beyond normal expectations:

Bill McGillivray - for all of his volunteer efforts. No Job is too big or too small.

Denise Kuchmar - for the extraordinary dedication, commitment and passion in delivering training at PVFM.

Prabhat Sharma - after twelve years of relentlessly ensuring PVFM keeps its head above water, Prabhat is stepping away from the COM as Treasurer.

Congratulations and thank you for all of your efforts.


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